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UPDATE: One third of inspected New York buses pulled from service

New York state officials decided to launch a string of bus safety inspections that began in late September as discussed in a prior post. The inspections came in response to the call for action after a fatal bus accident killed 15 people.

The fatal bus accident occurred in March of 2011 on Interstate 95 in the Bronx. The 30 passengers were nearing their final destination on their return from a Connecticut casino when they were awaken by a sharp twist of momentum and the frightening sound of twisting metal. The mass transit driver had lost control of the vehicle and struck a sign on the side of the highway. Continue reading


New York bus rear-ends semi, injures eight

When we step onto a mass transit vehicle we are placing a large amount of trust in the hands of the driver. We trust that they will keep us safe by obeying all traffic laws, staying awake behind the wheel, putting their cellphones down while driving and paying close attention to the surrounding traffic.

Passengers on a New York bus were jolted from their early morning lull when the bus they were riding in rear-ended a semi truck in front of them. The bus accidentoccurred on Tuesday morning, Oct. 18, 2011. Continue reading


American Academy of Pediatricians declares bumper pads dangerous

Infants are not only the most valuable thing in our lives, but they are also the most vulnerable. They cannot take care of themselves or understand their surroundings. Infants rely on their parents to take care of them and prevent harm from coming to them.

Even the most careful parent cannot protect their children from an unknown harm that could result from a dangerous or unsafe product. For years, bumper pads have been placed in infant cribs under the assumption that they helped prevent harm. The American Academy of Pediatricians declared bumper pads dangerous in their most recently published safety guidelines. Continue reading


New York resident found dead in home, mauled by pit bull

Pit bulls have been considered one of the most dangerous breeds of dogs, and those who own them – or any other animal that could act violently – are taking a risk. Owners may be liable for the damages that their pets cause, especially if they have prior warning of the animal’s propensity for violence.

One dog owner’s negligence may have led to the death of his New York City roommate late last week after his violent pit bull viciously attacked the 46-year-old. The attack was so violent that the resident could not survive the injuries to his arm and leg. A city marshal discovered the body lying on the kitchen floor when he went to the Upper East Side apartment to forcibly evict the two men. Continue reading


Nordica USA pays $214,000 penalty, continues to deny withholding defect

Dangerous products should not be placed on consumer shelves at all. They should not ever enter into the stream of commerce where they could cause injury to a purchaser. We all know that mistakes do happen, and that sometimes a dangerous product does make its way into the mainstream population.

When this happens and the manufacturer becomes aware of the defective product, it is their duty to make the consumer aware that the product could cause them harm. Longtime ski-maker Nordica USA agreed to settle allegations that the company was aware of a defect in one model of skis that could cause serious injury to the user. Continue reading


Subway construction accident ends worker’s life, injures five others

New York subways have made commuter transportation not only easy, but possible in a city with a population that significantly outweighs the automobile traffic capacity. The underground transportation system is an amazing and useful invention, but it poses a serious risk of construction site accidents for the thousands of maintenance workers that keep the transit system operating.

One New York construction worker was killed and five others were injured this week while working on a future site for a subway station that has been under construction at the York University campus. Continue reading


National Transportation Safety Board pushes to protect bus passengers

Distracted driving has become a focus in the transportation safety world as the number of accidents caused by people texting while driving, checking their email or talking on a cellphone increases on a daily basis.

People who choose to use cellphones while driving are taking the risk that they will be involved in an accident, but commercial drivers who choose to text or talk while behind the wheel risk not only their life in a serious bus accident, but the lives of all of their passengers. Continue reading


Impala owners sue GM in New York over faulty suspension

Three owners of model 2007-08 Chevrolet Impala sedans are suing General Motors Corp. for failing to repair rear-end suspension problems that the company fixed for the version of the Impala used by law enforcement agencies. The suit, filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York in New York City, is the second filed by owners of that Impala model. GM, now known as General Motors Co., said it is not the manufacturer’s responsibility because the current incarnation of the company was created after General Motors Corp., now known as Motors Liquidation Corp., filed for bankruptcy in 2009 as a condition for receiving federal bailout funds and cannot be held liable for “old” GM’s design issues. The Impala owners said the repairs on the police Impalas were equal to a “silent recall.” The lawsuit states that the rear-end suspension problems leads to drivers burning through tires, a dangerous safety issue, and wants faulty suspension rods replaced. Continue reading