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Boat Accident Near Perth Amboy Kills 1, Injures 4

A New Brunswick man is dead after the boat he was on capsized off the coast of Staten Island, near Perth Amboy. The drowning is said to have been a “tragic accident,” according to one NYPD source speaking to The Star-Ledger.

The pleasure boat was carrying 5 people. It’s believed the anchor got caught, capsizing the boat, according to authorities.

Three men and one woman, the only one wearing a life-jacket, were treated and released at Raritan Bay Medical Center in Perth Amboy. But Mario Baredales was dead when the rescue mission began.

According to another report from the Star-Ledger, the boat passengers were rescued by another civilian vessel who happened upon the capsized boat quite by accident.

David Gross, who was piloting his own sport fishing boat, changed his route when the swells in the Verrazano Narrows looked a little rough for his aging mother-in-law who was on board. He altered his course into Raritan Bay when he saw four people waving in the water, one of them grasping the lifeless body of their friend. Continue reading


42nd Street Accident Injures 10, Including Pedestrians

An accident on 42nd Street and 6th Avenue this past weekend sent several people to the hospital, including several pedestrians. The accident shows how dangerous it can be, even just to walk the sidewalks in New York City.

According to CBS New York, the accident was triggered when a Jaguar, traveling at a high rate of speed, crashed into the back of an Impala, stopped at a red light. Then, the Jag hit a cab before jumping the sidewalk and mowing several people down.

Witnesses said it appeared as though the taxi turned over on its side and hit a tree, causing the roof to be “shaved” off of the vehicle.

Reports are conflicting but at least three people from the vehicles are listed in critical condition, while three pedestrians are listed in serious condition. According to the NY Times, at least two people at the scene refused medical treatment.

One witness, who had been reading in the nearby Bryant Park when the accident occurred, said he ran over to the scene after hearing the crash. There he found people lying on the sidewalks “screaming for help.” Continue reading


Subway Worker Burned Severely in Fire Accident

Michael Lee, 45, has worked on the subways of NYC long enough to be referred to as a “veteran,” according to the New York Post. It isn’t clear just how soon, or if, he’ll be returning to work, however, after a tragic accident on the job left him hospitalized with second and third-degree burns over his body.

Lee was working on his day off, getting some overtime, when the accident occurred. He reportedly dropped a 200-pound piece of equipment, known as a coupler, onto the third rail. When the coupler fell, bolts came off the rail, knocking Lee down and engulfing him in flamed.

Rolling around on the ground didn’t help and Lee ended up ripping off his clothing with his bare hands as he burned. Throughout the ordeal, Lee remained conscious. Continue reading


Fatal Car Accident Claims 3 Lives in Phelps

Three people were killed in a tragic accident early this week. A 65- and 66-year old husband and wife duo, along with their 55-year old passenger were all pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Another motorist is in critical condition.

The accident occurred on County Road 6 near the town of Phelps, 50 miles West of Syracuse, according to the Times Union. George Halbfinger, with his wife and friend in the car, pulled onto Route 6 where his car was hit by a southbound vehicle.

It isn’t clear who is at fault for the accident as investigations are likely still underway. But the speed required to instantly kill three people would indicate that perhaps Route 6 traffic had the right of way and no duty to stop at that particular intersection. Halbfinger may have turned in front of the oncoming vehicle, who hit him on the driver’s side. Continue reading


New York Buses Will Undergo More Frequent/Thorough Inspections

New York buses can expect to be under greater scrutiny in the state’s effort to prevent deadly accidents like those seen in 2011. The state has earmarked $1 million for a new bus inspection program, according to The new program will force some buses to face multiple inspections per year, based on prior performance and a number of other factors.

The companies who have failed inspections or who have bad safety records will see more inspections than those who do well. All companies will get at least two inspections per year, which is the current standard.

In 2011, there were two major bus accidents in the state, one which killed 15 in March and one that killed 8 in October.

In the March 2011 crash, the driver was found to have hit near 80 miles per hour prior to the crash, and to have convictions for manslaughter and grand larceny on his record. In that accident, the bus tipped on its side and slid, allowing a pole to rip through the roof and the length of the bus. Continue reading


Fatal Manhattan Crane Accident Under Investigation

Last week one construction worker was killed and four others injured when a crane collapsed at a worksite in Manhattan. According to the NY Times, the crane boom split in two, sending debris raining down on workers. Work was immediately halted while the accident is being investigated by numerous agencies.

The accident occurred at a Manhattan Transit Authority site, where they are working to extend the number 7 train. Following the collapse, the MTA ordered immediate inspections on the cranes at all of their work sites.

Thirty-year old Michael Simermeyer of Lawrenceville, N.J. was killed when the crane came tumbling down. One other worker remains hospitalized. The depth of the worksite was said to make rescue efforts more difficult.

In a weird twist of irony, the crane was due for inspection just two days after the accident. The last date of inspection was January 10 of this year when the boom was in use and therefore wasn’t inspected. Instead, at that time, only the control station below was looked at. Prior to that, the last full inspection was conducted in July 2011, where the entire crane was inspected and passed. Continue reading