Lincoln Tunnel Bus Accident Injures Several, Delays Commuters

tunnel_accThe Lincoln Tunnel was closed for several hours Monday morning after two buses collided, sending several passengers to area hospitals. According to the Pocono Record, a Martz Trailways bus rear-ended a New Jersey Transit bus near the tunnel entrance.

The crash happened at about 7:15 am and the tunnel was not reopened until about 10:30, seriously delaying some commuters. Fortunately, the sustained injuries in the bus accident were not life-threatening.

Both buses had to be towed from the scene. The Martz bus had originated in Tobyhanna at 5:15 and stopped in Mount Pocono to pick up more passengers before the accident. The NJ Transit bus was a Route 168 bus from Paramus to the Port Authority station in NYC. That bus had 45 passengers on board, while the number aboard the Martz bus was unknown.

Two passengers were seriously injured and three were taken out of the buses, strapped to backboards.

“Our primary concern is the welfare of our driver and passengers,” said a spokesperson for the Martz Trailways bus. “We are making arrangements with our personnel and the hospitals they were taken to, to make sure they are transported to wherever they want to go, to Pennsylvania or any other destination.”

Following such an accident, bus companies are often more than accommodating to injured parties.

Both companies will likely launch investigations into the accident, as will the responding law enforcement agencies.

Ironically, another Lincoln Tunnel accident happened that same day, when eight vehicles piled up, closing the outbound tube of the tunnel around 12:30 pm. In that accident, eight people were injured.

Commuter accidents happen all the time and all around the city and outlying areas. In the mornings, over the lunch hour, and in the evenings, everyone is in a rush to get to their destination. With such heavy traffic, accidents are bound to happen. And when they do, innocent parties are often injured in the aftermath.