Fed. Government Says Car Safety Technology Should Be Mandatory

The National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) has spoken out on the latest advancements in automobile safety, and made a recommendation that these high-tech tools be mandated in all new vehicles.

According to the Associated Press, there are many specific safety features that the NTSB could employ to significantly increase road safety and decrease the number of auto accidents. Those safety technologies include:

  • Lane-departure warning that tells drivers when the car is going into another lane without signaling.
  • Forward collision warning that can alert or apply brakes when an accident is imminent
  • Adaptive cruise control that automatically adjusts speed depending on traffic conditions
  • Electronic stability control which automatically applies brakes to individual wheels

Some cars already have these features installed, namely, the more expensive models. But, the NTSB says safety shouldn’t be something for only the wealthiest of us.

“We don’t want safety to be only for the people who can afford it,” said Deborah Hersman from the NTSB.

While critics say that requiring all of this new technology could boost the cost of a new car by several thousand dollars, the agency says that simply isn’t true, that the costs would be minimal, particularly in the face of the potential lives saved.

There were more than 32,000 traffic deaths on U.S. roads last year. Running off the road, lane-change maneuvers, and rear-end accidents (those the NTSB says these technologies can prevent) accounted for about 60% of those fatal accidents.

They have called on the presidential administration to “establish performance standards where still needed and mandate that these technologies be included as standard equipment.”

While the NTSB doesn’t have the authority to implement these recommendations on their own, their recommendations are often taken seriously by lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

In all, the NTSB report makes ten safety recommendations, things they would like to see improved, though automakers say the decision to have such equipment should be left to consumers when they purchase a car.

Even in the safest vehicle, there is a risk of an accident. Even the safest drivers are sometimes involved in a serious crash. But, steps can be taken to reduce the risk of an accident overall.

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