“Safe Routes” In NYC Prevent Pedestrian Accidents

NYCgovPedestrian accidents are common in our city. One only has to scan the news headlines on any given week to see people suffering serious injuries or even death following such accidents. There are several programs in place that seek to reduce incidents like these. Promoted by the NYC Department of Transportation, “Safe Routes to School,” “Safe Streets for Seniors”, and “Safe Routes to Transit” are all targeted at preventing certain pedestrian tragedies.

Safe Routes to School is a nationwide program that seeks to help children make it to school and their bus stops with minimal risk of accidents. In NYC, the program examined accident histories surrounding the city’s nearly 1,500 elementary and middle schools and targeted 135 high priority schools to be considered for improvements.

These improvements included things like upgraded school crosswalks, new traffic signals, new parking regulations, and increased pedestrian crossing times. Now, the program will move onto a new group of priority schools to work on in order to increase student pedestrian safety.

Safe Streets for Seniors is a similar program, though targeted at the city’s older population—another group at a higher risk of pedestrian accidents. This program analyzes city neighborhoods where there are a high number of elderly pedestrian accidents. Then, as in Safe Routes to School, DOT officials make the necessary improvements to reduce accident occurrence. So far, this program has worked to shorten crossing distances, improving curb conditions, and restricting vehicle turns.

Safe Routes to Transit works to make it easier for commuting pedestrians to get to their mass transit stops. While the subway and bus systems may seem safe, getting to them can sometimes be an exercise in danger and risk management. By making these stops easier to reach and more convenient, the DOT says, the city can increase safety while encouraging walking and mass transit—better for personal health and the environment.

Each one of these unique programs takes steps to increase pedestrian safety. Still, you, as a pedestrian need to practice safe walking to reduce your risks. This includes crossing only at corners, crossing with the lights, and always being aware of drivers.

When an accident happens and it’s through no fault of your own, the results can be traumatic. Fortunately if you’ve practiced safe walking and the driver is wholly to blame, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

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