Fed. Government Says Car Safety Technology Should Be Mandatory

The National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) has spoken out on the latest advancements in automobile safety, and made a recommendation that these high-tech tools be mandated in all new vehicles.

According to the Associated Press, there are many specific safety features that the NTSB could employ to significantly increase road safety and decrease the number of auto accidents. Those safety technologies include:

  • Lane-departure warning that tells drivers when the car is going into another lane without signaling.
  • Forward collision warning that can alert or apply brakes when an accident is imminent
  • Adaptive cruise control that automatically adjusts speed depending on traffic conditions
  • Electronic stability control which automatically applies brakes to individual wheels

Some cars already have these features installed, namely, the more expensive models. But, the NTSB says safety shouldn’t be something for only the wealthiest of us. Continue reading


New York bus accident risk increases with interstate curbside operations

In our last post, we discussed the statistical conclusion — based on accident data and inspection violations – that curbside buses are the riskier option for interstate travelers in New York and across the country. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, the fatal bus accident rate for curbside operators was 1.4 percent for the period between 2005 and this past March when the New York accident taking 15 lives occurred.

The 1.4 percent statistic may not seem like a particularly large number, but when compared to the 0.2 percent fatal accident rate for conventional bus operators the number seems a lot bigger. When you realize that it is your life that is being gambled, that fatality rate may seem even greater. But why is there such a discrepancy between traditional buses and curbside operations? Continue reading


Cheap New York travel fares may save money but cost you your life

Money saving is on the minds of many New Yorkers these days as families find that the flow of money is not as swift as it may have been 10 years ago. Online sites and companies that offer deals on discount travel are becoming vastly popular when people still want to travel, but cannot do so at a high cost.

The curbside bus industry is one of those operations that offer incredibly low fares for interstate travel, but some safety experts say that it may cost you your life. According to a National Transportation Safety Board study, the curbside operations have a much higher fatal bus accident rate and violate a much larger number of safety violations. Continue reading


UPDATE: One third of inspected New York buses pulled from service

New York state officials decided to launch a string of bus safety inspections that began in late September as discussed in a prior post. The inspections came in response to the call for action after a fatal bus accident killed 15 people.

The fatal bus accident occurred in March of 2011 on Interstate 95 in the Bronx. The 30 passengers were nearing their final destination on their return from a Connecticut casino when they were awaken by a sharp twist of momentum and the frightening sound of twisting metal. The mass transit driver had lost control of the vehicle and struck a sign on the side of the highway. Continue reading


U.S. responds to concerns raised after fatal New York City bus accident

Last week, we wrote about a fatal bus accident in New York City that took the lives of fifteen people. Although the cause of the crash has not been determined in a court of law, the bus driver was suspected of recklessly drinking during his hours off duty set aside for sleep. On the return trip, he allegedly became fatigued, swerving the bus into a support pole that ripped the bus apart.

The prior post reported the discussion that had erupted after the bus crash, calling into question the safety procedures and processes in place for mass transit. It appears as though traffic officials heard the debate and responded this week by conducting thousands of surprise bus inspections across the nation.

Federal, state and local police cooperated to conduct the unexpected inspections after Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood made it clear that U.S inspectors would use “every legal and enforcement tool available to shut down unsafe bus companies.”

The surprise inspections set to begin today, Friday, Sept. 23 were strategically planned to occur in connection with today’s bus safety summit held in Washington. Executives from bus corporations and transit regulators will meet to discuss ideas on how to reduce the number of annual bus crashes.

“This summit is about preventing needless tragedies and saving lives,” LaHood told reporters. “We’ve seen the horrific consequences when motor coach companies do not make safety a top priority.”

While it is admirable that the government is taking note of the number of serious bus accidents that cause devastation to families across the nation, accidents still occur. If you have been seriously injured at the hands of a negligent bus driver, experienced personal injury attorneys can discuss your case with you and help determine what compensation you may be entitled to.

Source: Bloomberg, “U.S. Starts Inspection Crackdown Before Bus-Safety Meeting,” Jeff Plungis, Sept. 23, 2011