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How NYC Prevents Sidewalk Accidents

The City of New York knows that cracked or poorly maintained sidewalks are an accident waiting to happen. And they also know that they have a responsibility to maintain these pedestrian thoroughfares. But, how do they go about preventing these accidents and what more can be done?

According to the NYC Department of Transportation’s homepage, there are 12,750 miles of sidewalks in the city. The DOT’s goal is to make all of them safe for people walking around the city and to prevent injuries. To this end, they replace more than 2 million square feet of sidewalks each year.

Most of this replacement work is done on city property and in residential areas. But, some of this replacement work is done when property owners fail to step up to the plate themselves.

A sidewalk law passed in the past few years shifts some responsibility of sidewalk maintenance to property owners. Continue reading


Nearly 100,000 kids hurt in stair injuries each year

Dangerous StaircaseAccording to a recent study published in the journal Pediatrics, a child under the age of 5 is treated in a U.S. emergency room for a stair-related injury every six minutes.

The study reportedly found that more than 93,000 children were hurt on stairs every year between 1999 and 2008, with a total of 932,000 injuries to children under the age of 5 during that decade. Researchers believe that a variety of factors are responsible for the high number of injuries, including faulty stairway design and maintenance and lack of parental education.

In the study, researchers found that about 75 percent of children who were hurt on the stairs suffered head and neck injuries. About one-third of the total injuries were to the soft tissue, one-fourth were cuts, and one-fifth were closed-head injuries. The remaining harm was in the form of dislocations, fractures and similar injuries.

In sum, about 3 percent of the children injured on the stairs required hospitalization. The number of stair-related fatalities is unknown. Continue reading


New York Yankee recovering from fall down stairs

David RobertsonIn baseball, as in life, one wrong move can change the game. A slip-and-fall accident, a bus accident, or any other premises liability incident can leave one incapacitated and unable to fulfill their obligations. This could result in missed work, lost wages, and mounting medical bills.

For New York Yankees pitcher David Robertson, a recent fall down a flight of stairs at his home will keep him from the pitcher’s mound for an undetermined amount of time. Robertson was carrying two empty boxes to the recycling bin when he fell down the stairs, resulting in a mid-foot sprain. This simple misstep will keep him off the field until a full recovery has been made. Foot injuries are difficult for anyone, but for a pitcher they are particularly serious because they have the potential to alter a throwing motion, which could cause arm and shoulder damage.

Although Robertson’s injury took place at home, many common injuries happen while people are walking in grocery stores, restaurants and malls. People often feel responsible for their own injuries, but it’s important to remember that property managers and employees have a responsibility to address potential hazards that could result in accidents for those walking through.

Most of us mere mortals don’t have the pressure of performing for the New York Yankees weighing on us, but we also may not have the kind of resources, medical care, and support that Robertson has as the Yankees team physician and others work to get him back on the field. That’s why it’s so important to recognize that even a “simple” accident may warrant a lawsuit.

Receiving compensation for injuries may be necessary to cover lost wages due to missed work, and to receiving the necessary medical care for a full recovery. You may not be needed on the pitcher’s mound, but chances are you’re a valuable player who is needed in some area of the game of life.

Source: New York Post, “Clumsy accident offers little relief for New York Yankees,” Kevin Kernan, March 9, 2012


Starbucks to pay out for slip-and-fall accident

Residents in New York and across the country are familiar with the feeling that there is a Starbucks around every corner. That feeling is not too far off from the truth with the thousands of coffee shop locations operated under the name across the country.

The very profitable coffee mega-giant is going to have to pay out some mega bucks after a jury awarded a chiropractor $7.5 million in a slip-and-fall lawsuit. Continue reading


It may be a slippery Christmas for New York shop owners

It has been an unusually warm start to the winter this season. While last year set record snowfalls across the country, this year there has barely been anything to measure. Residents in New York are hoping that they will see snow for Christmas and the forecast shows at least some precipitation.

Whether it is rain or snow, when more precipitation falls more slush is tracked into stores across the city. Store owners have a duty to keep their floors free of slippery slush that could result in slip and fall accidents and injury to patrons. Continue reading


Desperate Housewife sued by injured restaurant patron

Eva Longoria is known as the fashionable and very feisty one of the female bunch on the hit television series “Desperate Housewives.” Most of her character’s investments in the show are made by her husband, but in reality, the star has made several investments of her own including opening a fine dining restaurant called Beso – the Spanish word for kiss.

The restaurant has not been kissed with the success that the star had hoped for, however. The restaurant first hit financial troubles after suffering losses of about $76,000 per month forcing the restaurant to file for bankruptcy. Now, a slip and falllawsuit names the restaurant and Eva Longoria as defendants and claiming over $25,000 in damages suffered as a result of the accident. Continue reading