Victor Viscaino

Freak Accident Kills Parking Garage Attendant

dfg43Unusual accidents, what we commonly hear referred to as “freak” accidents happen in a variety of ways. When strange circumstances and eerie timing come together, the result is often tragic. Such is the case of the Lower Manhattan parking garage attendant who was killed last week in a work accident.

According to CBS New York, Victor Viscaino was working at the Icon parking garage on Barclay Street when the accident occurred. The garage is a lift-type garage, where vehicles are raised into spaces with a hydraulic lift. Viscaino was standing underneath the lift when an SUV rolled off and crushed him.

Investigators were looking into the cause of the accident, though it’s believed the SUV may not have been secured per Icon policy.

Viscaino had worked at the garage for years and his death shook many of his customers. They remarked on what a good man and hard worker he was, and how much he would be missed. Continue reading